Monday, 7 September 2015


A co-worker recently introduced me to a game called Life is Strange, which I played from start to finish in almost one sitting. I took many things away from this game - a new respect for storytelling, a fascination with the Chaos Theory. 

And a renewed love for instant photography. 

I have always loved Polaroid. Their instant cameras, their film. I have one of their old cameras, and I've run a single pack of film through it, so I know it works. But I've never run another pack through it simply because the film is so expensive. ~$30 for eight exposures? No thank you. I just can't afford that. 

So when I fell in love with instant photography again, thanks to this game, I did some research. I worked out what the cheapest instant film was, and then I worked backwards and found a camera. 

I now own a Fuji Instax Wide 300, and I am loving it. 

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