Tuesday, 2 June 2015


I keep telling myself this: I am going to start taking my camera everywhere. I intend it to be either one of my DSLRs - likely my 7D, because I am scared of my 5D Mk II being damaged or stolen - but then I let myself settle on taking my little point-and-shoot instead. No big deal, right? It's still a camera. It still has manual settings. It's still photography. 

Sometimes I get some nice shots. Often I groan and wish I had my superior camera by my side. And always, always do I find myself slacking after two or three days. 

So I'm starting smaller. Most people have their phones on their person when they're out walking these days. I don't - not really. It's always tucked away (safely?) in my bag, out of reach for those spur-of-the-moment things. The only thing I really carry on me is my iPod NaNo, which has no camera. And seeing as it is inconvenient to go searching through my bag for my phone just to take one little photo, I never do it. 

So I'm going to start carrying my phone on me, and aiming to take more photos with it. 

Any photography is better than no photography. 

A co-worker put me onto an app called VSCO Cam, and I am finding that I really like the control that it gives me. I can choose which part of the photo I want in focus; I can choose where I want true exposure to be determined from. And the presets and tools that it gives you make editing easy. I love that old, faded sort of film look, so I'm having some fun there. 

I'm hoping this will kick my butt into gear quicker. 

Getting back into shooting shows should hopefully be one of my next steps.

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