Friday, 3 May 2013

IDEAS: Death.

I have photo ideas all over the place, so tonight I've decided to start things off nice and simple. Although it sounds morbid, I love death as a theme - its inescapable and everybody has to face it in the end whether we want to or not, and I would just like to play with it in photography and see where I can take things. 

From personal experience, I know that death is sudden - one day you're there, the next you're gone. And for those left behind it can be difficult to comes to term with this. Sometimes it feels like that person is still there, either because it hasn't hit home that this person is gone or because you can just sense them there. Either way, it brings up the idea of ghosts. 

I like the way that double exposures look, and I want to play with that here. 

At the current moment, the idea forming in my mind is two people in a cemetery, one of them mourning by a grave and the other comforting them with a touch to the shoulder or something similar. The comforter would be faded  in some places, indicating their status as a spirit. 

Inspired by this photograph: 


Time of day might be more toward sunset, signifying an end to things.

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