Tuesday, 19 November 2013


I had my ten portfolio shots printed through RGB Digital (as I had used them before and loved them) simply on glossy paper, and over the weekend decided that it was finally time to mount them. 

I had looked around at different places offering mounting services, offering the stuff so that you could do it yourself, but it was all pretty expensive - and I'll be the first to admit that I am a poor student. A job is only good so long as you are getting the hours you should be. So I went back to another website that I had used in the past and loved, FrameShop.com.au, to see what they could offer me. 

I had bought 3mm self-adhesive foamcore through this place many years ago, so I figured I could at least get that from there. So then wasn't I surprised when on their home page, they were offering six-packs of front mounting boards, pre-cut to your desired size? 

I ordered two of the six-pack mounting boards, at 11x14' to fit a photo at 8x10, along with ten 3mm thick non-adhesive foamcore boards, at 11x14 - all of this was ordered in white. What I received was all of my mounting boards, and twelve foamcore boards at 5mm thick. I saved $11 in getting those two free boards, and the 5mm foamcore is likely not to bend like my old 3mm has. So, I guess I can't complain! 

All up, including shipping to the Sydney metro area, this cost me $130. Not bad, considering the other prices that are out there. 

Once I had all of this, I just decided to stick everything together with double-sided tape. Honestly? So that I could re-use the materials if I wanted to. Because not all of those shots are fantastic, and I know I won't sell any of them. But I can use those materials to frame family photos are art photos to give as gifts, and then I feel like they're being useful.

Two weeks; four days; six classes; that is all we have left of TAFE for this year.

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