Monday, 14 October 2013

The Digital Enlarger.

There came a morning where we were using the Digital Enlarger, which is exactly what it sounds like - an enlarger for your digital images. It worked just like a regular enlarger, except it involved loading digital files on a computer instead of loading negatives into the enlarger itself. 

Then it was into the darkroom to develop the images in the regular way - develop, stop, fix, wash, dry. 

We decided that we would print the same image twice - one using the enlarger, one using the Inkjet printer - and compare the pair. 

Enlarger (left); Inkjet (right).

As you can see, my shot from the enlarger was fogged - so I can't really give a fair comparison. But others who got better results reported that the shots from the Inkjet printer were overall better - more contrast, better exposure, etc.

The digital enlarger seems to me like an over-priced, pointless piece of equipment.

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