Monday, 19 August 2013

MUSIC VIDEO: "Hail To The King" by Avenged Sevenfold.

It is first important to know that Avenged Sevenfold are my favourite band in all the world, so I often find inspiration in them, their artistic endeavors, and their lyrics. They dropped their latest music video for "Hail To The King" a few days ago, and I was less than impressed. I love music videos that have a story to them, or a clear concept that I can follow. This didn't seem to be much at all. All in all, I found it rather boring. 

But I am putting it here, because I loved the lighting that I was seeing. It was harsh; there were strong shadows. There was a shot of Arin (drummer) where (my memory is a little foggy here) either he was in silhouette and the drums were well lit, or vice versa, and I really loved it. As I've been considering basing my end-of-year portfolio on music, I thought that could make for a really amazing shot. 

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