Monday, 18 March 2013

MY TAKE: Pictorialism and Modernism.

I had planned on using the weekend to catch up on things for my blog - namely taking my own shots in the style of the pictorialist and modernist movements, but I've been sick since Friday and just haven't had the energy to do anything. So today I've gone through some of my old photos instead, and I think I've come across a couple that work. 


I chose this shot because I feel it fits into the pictorialist category - to me, it looks like it could just as easily be a painting. Nothing is truly sharp. This photograph was achieved by photographing the reflection of this tree in our backyard swimming pool. 


Like the previous photo, I feel that this shot fits well enough into the modernist category - most importantly, it is sharp. There has been minimal manipulation to the digital negative (the only editing being to darken around the flower) and it shows exactly what my camera was seeing on the day that I took this shot. 

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