Monday, 18 February 2013

PHOTOGRAPHER: Gwendolyn Lee.

David Hasselhoff

Gwen is probably one off my biggest inspirations when it comes to music photography. I remember stumbling across her on DeviantART, back when she was just using a simple point-and-shoot, and discovering that we had both been to several of the same concerts and both enjoyed trying to get great shots out of them. Seeing her now, shooting the likes of Bon Jovi, David Hasselhoff and all the latest and greatest, is absolutely amazing.

She always has such great compositions, sharp photos and uses lighting fantasticly.

It's also thanks to her that I was even able to shoot my first in-front-of-the-barrier gig. She helped me find sites to get started, and I am forever grateful to her for that. 

My next gig is next Tuesday. My first time shooting bands that I have actually heard of, and one of them I actually enjoy. So it will be a test to see if I can stay in a professional state of mind, and a great opportunity to better myself. Fingers crossed that I get some great shots. 

You can find Gwen on Facebook.

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